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This week in classrooms across New Mexico, students from grades 3 through 11 will begin taking the standardized test known as PARCC. For the sake of our children’s futures, I am calling for this to be the last time they take the test. The results have been in for a long time: PARCC is a colossal and expensive failure for our state. The next Governor must change the state’s education policy to return to sensible assessment and teaching practices, and do away with this gold-plated experiment that has damaged our system of education.

During her tenure over the last seven years, Governor Susana Martinez and her head of Public Education, Hannah Skandera, wasted millions of dollars’ worth of state taxes on ‘The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers’ (better known by its acronym, PARCC).

PARCC is the standardized test linked to national Common Core curriculum in Math and English. Pearson Education Inc., a private for-profit global corporation based in London, holds the contract to produce PARCC tests in New Mexico. Implementing it has been the focus of the state’s education policy. The corporations surrounding the test have profited enormously, while New Mexico remains at the bottom in the nation for student achievement.

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