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About Howie Morales

We can start by protecting our state’s future.  New Mexico created the Lottery Scholarship so more of our students from modest backgrounds can attend college. Now we need to strengthen it.  Let’s keep our best and brightest here by creating more job opportunities, and more reasons for businesses to invest in our beautiful state, raise their families here, and contribute to our future.

As a state senator, I have worked hard with others in the legislature to pass bills that make a positive difference for New Mexicans.  As Lieutenant Governor, I will continue to call for legislation to ensure that healthcare is a reality for all with the Health Security Act.  I will continue to focus on improvements to early childhood education by creating a much-needed Department of Early Learning.  I will continue to protect the Gila River and ensure it remains the last free-flowing river in the United States.  I will never stop challenging the tobacco industry in order to improve health in our state, while generating more dollars for our classrooms.  And I will continue to advocate for common sense legislation to reduce crime and the auto-theft epidemic.  My years of public service have given me a strong understanding of what’s happening across our state, and I’ve never seen a more serious situation than right now.

New Mexico Republicans are pushing an extreme agenda that challenges the rights of so many.  Their policies threaten women’s ability to make their own personal healthcare decisions.  I will fight to protect women’s rights to make their own healthcare decisions, and I will support victims of sexual assault from harmful GOP policies.  Governor Martinez played politics with our behavioral health system when she shut down 15 mental health organizations across the state, all because these health clinics had “past ties to Democratic governors”.  In their place, she handed out to $17 million in contracts to expensive, for-profit providers from Arizona – providers with political ties to her own campaign.  I will fight to put the pieces of our state’s behavioral health system – which serves the most vulnerable New Mexicans, and especially children who need help – back together once and for all.

As long as Susana Martinez is still Governor, the rights of LGBT individuals remain at risk.  I will fight to protect the rights of all New Mexicans, because nobody gets to discriminate against gay and lesbian residents as a matter of right, and under New Mexico law.

Four years ago I ran for Governor, against the advice of all the experts and many friends in our party who told me that now was not the right time for me, or for any Democrat, to win.  But I knew in my heart that someone had to carry the fight and be heard on a whole set of urgent issues to help children and students, struggling families and our seniors.  That is what I tried to do.

My promise to you is that as Lieutenant Governor, I will use all my energy and experience as a state senator to fight for all New Mexicans.  I will fight for excellent education for our children.  I will fight to turn our economy around by creating jobs in 21st century industries like solar, wind and renewables.  I will fight for small businesses to have a level playing field, so that they can have the chance to grow and expand.  I will fight to protect our water, land, and air to benefit future generations.  And I will fight for our beautiful state of New Mexico to become the best that it can be for all of us.

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